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KU high-voltage series intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from MTU, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER;
Standard configuration TC9.0 intelligent parallel operation control system, with ?imported control module, expandable redundancy function for control redundancy, integrated installation with generator set;
Standard configuration high-precision digital DVR;
Optional configuration for this series includes
Energy-saving variable speed fan
Double bearings, with high-elastic coupling
Configuration for different voltage levels
Differential protection function, differential CT directly installed on the top of alternator
Superior noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Strong power, quick start-up, easy operation;
Compact and reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain;

Applications of this series:

This series is widely used in IDC, telecommunications, nuclear power station, aviation, petroleum and petrochemical and defense; and many other important industries ;besides, it is applicable under various climatic conditions.

KU low-voltage series smart environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from MTU, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER, stable and reliable performance of entire unit;
Excellent noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Strong power, quick start-up, easy operation;
Compact and reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain;

This series smart environment-friendly integrated power station is a high power generator set ?for nuclear station security power with various advantages.
Characteristics of the engines of this series
Long history, reliable quality, superior performance;
Advanced ADEC electronic management system;
Electronic unit pump fuel injection system for the MTU 2000 series;
High-pressure common rail fuel injection system for both MTU 1600 and MTU 4000 series;)
Lower fuel consumption than that of similar products (minimum 189g/kwh)
Long overhaul period of engine; the first overhaul period is up to 24000-30000 hours;
Automatic cylinders reduction function under low load condition;
Emission optimization in accordance with the strictest emission standards in Europe and ?USA;

KC intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station (imported)

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from CUMMINS, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER, stable and reliable overall performance;
Superior noise reduction measure and device;
Smooth and quiet operation environment;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Integrated design of the cylinder body and the cover in a reasonable structure;
Strong power, quick start-up, easy operation,
Global service network, convenient service.
Characteristics of the engines of this series
Engine cylinder body of high-strength cast alloy iron, butter rigidity, less vibration, lower noise;
Each cylinder of engine is four-valve design, which optimizes air/fuel mixing;
CUMMINS’ proprietary PT fuel system for some type engines; unique overspeed protection design;
Electronic control unit for some engines, which can improve the power and emission standard of engine and guide maintenance of engine.
Advanced high-pressure common rail technology for the Q series;
Overhaul period up to 20000 hours.

KM series intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from MITSUBISHI, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER;
Wide range of power;
Rigid and durable structure;
Good cold start performance;
Stable technology, good controllability;
Excellent noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Strong power, quick start-up, easy operation, convenient maintenance.
Characteristics of the engines of this series
The 3-cylinder to the 16-cylinder serialized, main parts normalized, reduced number of parts, simplified supply of parts;
Various special auxiliary units and partsfor various purposes;
High-efficiency turbocharger;
Driven by air motor or electrical motor; some models can also be directly started by compressed air.
Suitability for operation at high relative humidity or high altitude.

KC series intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station (domestic)

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from famous brands such as DCEC and CCEC, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER, excellent noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Compact structure, strong power;
Quick start-up, easy operation, good universality of parts and accessories, easy to maintain;
Integrated design, low failure rate;
High cost performance, competitive edge.
Characteristics of the engines of this series
Engine cylinder body of high-strength cast alloy iron, better rigidity, less vibration, lower noise;
Each cylinder of engine is four-valve design, optimized air/fuel mixing;
CUMMINS’ proprietary PT fuel system for some engines, unique overspeed protection design;
Electronic control unit for some engines, which can improve the power and emission standard of engine and guide the maintenance of engine.

KV series intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of this series:
Quality from VOLVO PENTA, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER;
Electronic injection full series;
Original radiator from Europe;
Some models use advanced high-pressure common rail technology;
Excellent noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
Strong power; quick start-up, easy operation, convenient repair;
Multiple protection, safe operation; compact structure, reliable quality;
Suitable for high altitude and harsh environment.
Characteristics of the engines of this series
Compared to other world famous brands, higher compression ratio and higher power output for equivalent cylinder diameter/stroke;
All the engines and the majority of TWD engines complying with TA Luft emission standards, smoke intensity lower than 1 Rb, engine power output is not affected;
Electronic control unit for some engine, which can improve the power output and emission of engine and guide the maintenance of engine.

Application of this series:
It has many application cases in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, and has been widely promoted at home and abroad. It is a mature and reliable product within the industry, and has gained unanimous recognition from customers.

KP series intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from PERKINS, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER; British brand, reliable quality;
Excellent noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
Wide range of power;
Compact structure, low mechanical noise;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Stable operation, suitable for various harsh working conditions and environments;
Strong power, quick start-up, easy operation;
Reasonable design, all maintenance parts on the same side of engine body, easy to maintain;
Characteristics of the engines of this series
Modular design, compact structure, good economic efficiency and dynamic property, advanced emission index;
Low operation noise, reduced cost for noise reduction measure;
Preheating start device, good start performance at low temperature;
Suitable for operation at high relative humidity or high altitude;
Electronic injection technology for the PERKINS 1000 and PERKINS 2000 series; electronic control technology for the PERKINS 4000 series.

KJ series intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from JOHN DEERE, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER;
Excellent noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
High-efficiency compact design, low medical noise index for same power range;
Quick and reliable cold start capacity;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Easy operation, convenient repair;
Good power per liter;
Scientific design, suitable for various complex working conditions and environments.
Characteristics of the engines of this series
The engine has 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder models. Air inlet modes include natural aspiration, charge and charge inter-cooling, which meet the requirements of engines with different power ranges for cylinder air inlet;
Engines are low-emission ones. The emission pollution is lower than the limits under TA Luft, CARB and EPA;
Simple maintenance of engine: Operation and inspection are conducted on the same side of the engine, thus facilitating operation and maintenance;
Engine uses 40°C radiator, which ensures that cooling system can properly function at high temperature, without reducing power output;
Electronic control unit for some type engines, which can improve the power output and emission index of engine and guide the maintenance of engine.

Silent intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of silent intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station product;
Superb ventilation system and anti-thermal radiation facilities ensuring proper ambient temperature
Base fuel tank of an extraordinary 8-12 hours capacity (continuous 100% load)
Adoption of special noise reduction material
Effective anti-vibration devices
Observation window and emergency stop button on the outside for easier monitoring and operation
Optional outdoor soundproof Gensets

Trailer type intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of trailer type intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station product:
All the features of soundproof Gensets
Suitable for field and mobile operation
Easy maintenance and repair
Easy to fix and balance due to traction system on wheel chassis
Warning light, turn light and fog light on the rear to ensure safe driving
Cable rack can be per-assembled

Shelter & container intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station

Advantages of shelter intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station product:
1. All the features of soundproof Genset.
2. Easy to get in and enough space for operators.
3. Superb ventilation system and anti-thermal radiation facilities ensuing working order.
4. Especially for field operation and adverse circumstances.

Advantages of container intelligent environment-friendly integrated power station product:
1. The seaworthy containerized power station conform international Convention for Safe Containers standard, can be transported by sea which is much cheaper than others.
2. The RHS girl der can improve mechanical strength and endure larger impact strength.
3. Doors in opposite sides are easy to get In for daily check and maintain.
4. The collection system on the base of station avoids the leaking of three kinds of contamination.
5. The control panel and output switch cabinet are in the same side which is convenient to check and connect output cable.
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